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Manufacturer Code: UNIJIGN233P
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Cuts 250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 616, 650 & 700mm worktops

This is the popular, highly stable jig for cutting 250-700mm worktop widths. Can also be used to cut a 100mm external radius and a 35mm hinge hole. Quick to set up.
  • Currently Europe’s best selling jig
  • Made from 12mm hard wearing compact laminate
  • Guaranteed Never to Warp
  • Quick Reference Guide on Jig Face
  • 90° Left and Right hand joints
  • Corner cooking solution
  • 3 Bolt Slots
  • Radius end for Breakfast Bar
  • Radius end – 100°
  • Hinge Hole
  • 22.5°, 30° and 45° straight mitres

Additional info  

  • This jig can be used to fit 90° corners for worktop widths ranging from 250mm up to 700mm and is also set up for a 45°corner.
  • A 30mm guide bush and a ½” (12.7mm) straight router cutter with a 50mm cutting length are required no other combination of cutter and guide bush will work satisfactorily.
  • It is important that the router is always moved left to right.
  • The cutter must always enter the worktop through the postformed edge, except, of course, for bolt holes. All diagrams have been made showing this set up.
  • Do not plunge the router more than 10mm at a time or use blunt tools.
  • Ensure the guide bush is firmly attached to the router base plate.
  • Ensure that all pegs are pushed fully into the selected holes so that the head of the pegs do not sit proud and so interfere with the action of the router. Note: peg holes that are not counter bored to accept the head of the peg are not meant to be used with the jig that way up.
  • When using the centre slot, always use the side of the slot nearest to you first for the waste removal, with the final pass being performed against the side of the slot furthest from you to finish the cut.
  • When the jig is positioned it must be clamped in place using two “G” clamps.
  • Before cutting check to ensure that all pegs are still tight against the worktop edge (some clamps when tightened can cause the jig to creep out of position).
  • Take care to ensure that the router cutter remains perpendicular when performing all cuts.
  • Please observe all relevant safety requirements for the use of routers.
Product Information
Unika 700mm Contract Worktop Jig
250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 616, 650 & 700mm worktops.
90° Left and right
22.5° , 30° and 45° straight mitres
Cutting a wide variety of worktop materials
700mm Jig and 6 nylon pegs

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