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Manufacturer Code: MFT/JIG
Price 119.40 inc. VAT


The Trend MFT Worktop Routing Template will find a multitude of uses within any workshop setup, either to simply replace existing tops or to design, explore and make your own bespoke items.

Main Features  

  • Multi-functional table top making jig.
  • Create accurate precise MFT style worktops quickly with a plunge router
  • For router drilling 20mm holes at 96mm centres
  • Made from Compact Grade High Pressure Laminate 12mm thick
  • Two corner radii and 45 degree end cut
  • Edge guides for initial rows, index pins for indexing for subsequent holes
  • Recess aperture facility for desk tidy
  • Jig requires-
  • A portable plunge router with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) shank capacity and minimum 1300 watts.
  • A template guide bush with 30mm outside diameter ref. GB30/A.
  • A long series TCT plunge cut router cutter with 20mm diameter and 37mm cut length.
  • Two clamps

Multi-Function Tables are a versatile way of securing workpieces for further work such as routing, sanding or re-sizing with saws. They are supplied with a multi-hole MDF insert that is designed as a sacrificial replacement part.

These inserts can be costly to replace when purchased from the manufacturer, which is where the new Trend MFT/JIG hits the mark. It allows you to make your own inserts at a fraction of the cost. With its solid 12mm thick high-pressure laminate construction it ensures repeatable accuracy for years to come.

Designed to replicate the commonly used grid pattern of 96mm centres, the Trend MFT Jig has a ten-hole layout. It is for use with plunge routers fitted with a 30mm guide bush and a 20mm diameter cutter.

Fast and easy to set up, the compact 298mm x 586mm jig uses the pins to align it precisely to one corner of the board. Once clamped, the router is plunged through each hole to set the first grid layout. Subsequent holes are then made using the peg bushes to reset the jig for each additional row. This allows for the fast and accurate production of replacement insert tops.

The newly made grid top is perfect for use with track saws. With the optional bench dogs fast cuts at 90 and 45 angles help increase productivity. The 20mm holes are compatible with a wide range of commonly available clamping and positioning accessories.

Additional features include 100mm and 50mm radii, a 45 degree end-cut for easing corners on any edge. Also the recess aperture can be used for routing a shallow recess to store smaller items while you work, such as drills and other accessories. Or by routing completely through the material to create a convenient hand grip.

Product Information
Trend Multi Functional Table Top Routing Jig
30 mm
96 mm
50 mm & 100 mm
45 degrees
298 x 586 mm
20 x 37 mm
2 (Two)
3 kg

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