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Spit pulsa 40P+ Cordless Steel/Concrete Nail Gun- 019653

Manufacturer Code:
Manufacturer Code: 019653
Price 474.00 inc. VAT

Spit pulsa 40P+ Cordless Steel/Concrete Nail Gun-

The New Spit Pulsa 40P+ Cordless Gas Nailer is an impressive nailer ideal for drywall applications into concrete, steel & masonry. The Pulsa 40P+ is the fastest, most durable and reliable tool for dry lining first fix.

The 40P+ will offer market-leading power, up to 16% more with gas technology, and an excellent stick rate in the hardest materials. User comfort is a priority too, this latest series of tools is up to 15% lighter than battery alternatives, with a streamlined and ergonomic design for maximum usability. It has a battery capacity of 3,500 shots per charge, allowing users to work efficiently for longer.

Keeping down time to a minimum, the 40P+ can also receive quick onsite maintenance. This means contractors can continue to have confidence that the Pulsa 40P+ will provide them with the productivity, reliability and durability they need to keep projects moving forwards. The 40P+ comes with an extended warranty covering the tools for three years as standard. Supplied with 40P+ Pulsa Gas Nailer included Battery & Hard case.


  • Ergonomics: Compact, light, balanced and very manageable nailer
  • Work more: Charge less with a battery capacity of 3500 shots per charge
  • Maximise Productivity: 8 times faster than traditional methods of fixing
  • Increased Power: An excellent stick rate in the hardest materials and up to 16% more powerful with gas technology
  • Light Tools Make Light Work- Up to 10% lighter than battery motor alternatives
  • Slim and streamlined: Compact to access the tightest locations and benefit from a great line of sight
  • Maximum Dust Protection: Reduces the risk to dangerous Silica Dust
  • Reduced Hand Arm Vibration: Low exposure levels by mitigating drilling
  • Easy Push: Weak tuning effort for firing, slight pressure on the barrel
  • Short adjustment range for shooting: 19mm
  • SPIT LOCK system: Clings to the waist for greater freedom of movement
  • Simplicity and speed: Large 50-key charger for fewer recharging moments, disassembled and assembled from the express charger
  • Optimized cooling: No overheating of the tool, constant power even in intensive use
  • Autonomy: Start & Go system that automatically removes the voltage from the tool, up to 3,500 shots with the new lithium battery. Gas and battery level indicator
  • On Site Tool Maintenance: Easy to self-maintain on site with minimal downtime
  • Reliability: You can count on with an extended 3 years warranty

Product Information
Spit Pulsa 40p+ Cordless Steel/Concrete Nail Gun
100 J
500 shots
3500 shots
15-40 mm
309 407 113 mm
20 fixings
2 fixings
2.5 Ah
105 Min.
109 96 dB(A)
4.4 m/s
3.7 with Battery

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