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Manufacturer Code: KTL818BL2JAZ
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Comes With

  • 1 x DV18DBXL Brushless Combi Drill
  • 1 x WH18DBDL Brushless Impact Driver
  • 1 x Dh18dbl Brushless SDS Plus Hammer Drill
  • 1 x C18dbal Brushless Circular Saw
  • 1 x G18DBAL Brushless Angle Grinder
  • 1 x CV18DBL Brushless Multi Tool
  • 1 x CR18DBL Brushless Reciprocating Saw
  • 1 x UB18DJL Troch/Work Light
  • 2 x BSL1860 18V 6.0Ah Batteries
  • 1 x UC18YSL3 Rapid Charger
  • 1 x Hikoki Tool Bag with Wheels

DV18DBXL Brushless Combi Drill Features

The Hikoki model DV18DBXL is a 18V Brushless Combi Drill Body Only with stackable case, ideal for trade professionals. The HiKOKI brand replaces Hitachi Power Tools.

The DV18DBXL Combi Drill features a highly efficient brushless motor which allows you to get more done in less time. It has a comfortable and compact body, class-leading hard torque or 136Nm and a new robust aluminium gear case.

  • Class leading hard torque of 136Nm
  • New fast charger with 38 minute charge time
  • Reactive Force Control (RFC) safety feature
  • Compact body - only 204mm long
  • Brushless motor
  • High performance Rhm chuck with spindle lock
  • 22 stage torque setting
  • New robust aluminium gear case
  • Low battery indicator
  • Built-in LED work light

WH18DBDL Brushless Impact Driver Features

The WH18DBDL 18V Brushless Impact Driver features a high power brushless motor with a selection for 4 speed modes: Soft Mode for delicate work, Normal mode, Power Mode for heavy work and Self Drilling mode for use with screws.

Whatever the application you will have the ability to work efficiently. The brushless motor works more efficiently than a standard brushed motor. Providing more power, a longer run time per charger and an overall longer tool life.

  • High power brushless motor with maximum tightening torque of 207Nm (hard)
  • IP56 rating for dust resistance & waterproofing
  • Triple hammer mechanism: three anvils for higher power and extended life
  • Electric brake
  • 3 mode LED worklight: always on/automatic/always off
  • Soft grip handle
  • Forward & reverse switch
  • Side hook can be fitted on right or left
  • Driver bit not included

Dh18dbl Brushless SDS Plus Hammer Drill Features

The DH18DBL is a cordless SDS-Plus rotary hammer powered by an 18v lithium-ion battery. The highly efficient brushless motor and the optimized hammering mechanism achieves a 40% faster drilling speed with up to 4.6kg / 5min demolition performance.

The DH18DBL has an ergonomic design for improved user handling; The grip of the handle and the drill bit head are on the same line of action, which makes applying force to drill easier, the grip of the handle is close to the centre of gravity and the reactive force control (RFC) prevents the tool from jerking if the tool bit is overburdened during operation.

  • Impact energy 2.6J
  • Drilling capacity in concrete 26mm
  • Fastest drilling speed in its class
  • Longest run time in its class
  • Hikoki's efficient brushless motor works approx. 50% more than our conventional brushed DC motor per battery charge
  • Reactive Force Control (RFC) system reduces risk of injury from tool overload
  • Constant speed control
  • Over current protection
  • 3 mode action: rotary drilling, hammer drilling or chiseling
  • Built-in LED light

C18dbal Brushless Circular Saw Features

The C18DBAL brushless saw is more efficient than ever before. You will find this a really comfortable tool to use with its compact and lightweight design.

This saw looks to offer about a 30% increase in max power output over the older model. In turn it has a faster cutting speed 4100rpm and can cut around 66mm when at 900 or 45mm at 450.

  • Most compact and most lightweight in its class.
  • Balanced weight distribution to keep the tool body horizontal
  • Flat motor housing design increases stability when changing blades
  • Silent mode improves motor efficiency while lowering the noise.
  • Overload protection
  • Soft start
  • Optional fluorine plate for faster speed
  • Cutting depth adjustment system
  • -5 degrees bevel cutting
  • Parallel adjustment system
  • Blower function
  • High-intensity twin LED lights
  • Backward saw dust exhaust
  • Remaining batter indicator

G18DBAL Brushless Angle Grinder Features

The HiKOKI G18DBAL is a high performance Angle Grinder fitted with an efficient brushless motor. The motor has a no load speed of up to 9000 rpm and the machine is fitted with an anti-vibration handle to cut down on user fatigue.

Also lightweight and compact body with a slim grip and small gear cover make for easy hadling and efficient operation whilst increasing the ergonomics of the machine. The automode automatically shifts between high and low speeds depending on the load.

  • High performance angle grinder with high efficiency brushless motor
  • Powerful motor with over-current protection to prevent burnout
  • Kickback protection system, anti-restart protection and soft start provide greater operator safety
  • Auto mode reduces no-load noise and vibration
  • Resin coated components and mesh filters for extra protection against dust and moisture
  • Compact body and small grip circumference
  • Large two stage paddle switch (dead man action)

CV18DBL Brushless Multi Tool Features

This multi tool from Hikoki features a number of improvements which have featured in other new Hitachi products.

The multi tool incorporates brushless motor technology, making this an efficient yet powerful tool. To further improve user comfort, the new Auto Mode reduces noise and vibration under no load operation.

  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed control to suit a multitude of applications
  • Auto mode reduces noise and vibration under no-load operation
  • Built-in LED light
  • Compact body for easier use in confined spaces
  • Tool free blade changing system
  • Two stage locking mechanism for secure blade changing with reduced risk of damage to workpiece
  • Multi-angle blade setting adjustable in 30 steps
  • A wide range of blade types available

CR18DBL Brushless Reciprocating Saw Features

CR18DBL reciprocating saw with the highly efficient brushless motor and constant speed control. It has a 32mm Stroke Length, the No.141(S) curved blade included as standard cuts approx. 10 - 20% faster Vs. No. 341 blade. (When cutting stainless steel) with the optimized teeth settings and curved shape of the blade.

With auto mode, electricity consumption and noise can be suppressed by lowering the number of maximum strokes during no-load motor operation. The blade installation and removal can be done by simply pushing a lever. The large pivoting hook conveniently allows for hanging the tool on a 48mm pipe. LED Light comes in handy for illuminating the cutting edge in dimly lit areas.

  • Brushless motor for longer run time, less maintenance and increased durability
  • Top class cutting speed1
  • Low vibration handle
  • Auto mode reduces noise and power consumption
  • Longer, slimmer front grip for easier handling and better control
  • Tool free blade change
  • Large pivoting hook
  • Bright LED light

UB18DJL Troch/Work Light Features

The UB18DJL 14.4v / 18v dual powered LED Cordless work light has 2 modes of operation, with adjustable angle and 3 stage (high/medium/low) brightness. With a wide spread of light and a beam which throws light further in a spot light fashion.

The UB18DJL features and battery protection function to prevent the light from going out suddenly by switching over to single LED illumination when the battery power drops to a specified level.

  • The work light portion can be moved vertically and horizontally to adjust the light orientation.
  • Worklight: 3-stage brightness
  • Switch enables to change 3-stage brightness.
  • Torchlight: Incredible brightness due to max brightness 6,000lx
  • Long lighting time
  • Lighting time per charge * with BSL1850 (5.0Ah)
  • Worklight (in Low mode): Approx. 51 hours
  • Torchlight: Approx. 43 hours
  • Lighting time per charge may vary according to types of batteries and operating conditions.
  • Battery protection function prevents the light from going out suddenly
  • When battery power drops to a specified level, the worklight will switch over to single LED illumination, preventing the light from going out suddenly.
  • (For torchlight too, when battery protection function runs, the worklight will switch over to single LED illumination.)
  • With hooks for hanging the unit
  • Use the storage hook or strap hook when hanging the unit from a pipe or the like.

BSL1860 18V 6.0Ah Battery Features

This BSL1860 battery from HiKOKI is an 18V Li-ion sliding battery with a battery capacity of 6.0Ah in an extremely compact design.  This battery is compatible with all HiKOKI and existing Hitachi 18V devices that require a sliding battery. 

The battery Longer Battery Life Up to 50% increased run time per battery for more work with less downtime and improved electrical efficiency and power transfer

  • 6.0Ah of power
  • Lithium Ion technology
  • Fits a range of HiKOKI power tools

UC18YSL3 Rapid Charger Features

The Hikoki UC18YSL3 charger is compatible with Li-Ion batteries. It is capable of charging 14.4V and 18V slide style batteries. It has cooling feature helps to cool batteries during charging or before charging commences to prevent battery overheating ensuring extended battery life.

This charger features preventative mechanism against charging a hot battery to extend battery life and a 3 way overcharge protection system to ensure battery is not overcharged. The two colour indicator light indicates what stage of charging the battery is in.

  • 3 way overcharge protection
  • Charging stage indicator light
  • Ideal for 14.4 and 18V batteries

Hikoki Tool Bag Features

Green Revolution' Tool Bag - The Hikoki 27 inch canvas tool bag. The robust construction is ideally suited for harsh jobsite conditions. This tool bag can fit multiple tools and features 2 wheels for easy transportation. Heavy duty rails are fitted to the base of the bag. Includes padded shoulder strap

  • 3 Internal pockets plus a drill holster
  • 6 External pockets
  • Robust canvas construction
  • Embroidered green revolution logo on the top
Product Information
22 Stage
207Nm (Hard)
0-900 to 0-2900
0-2500 (min-1)
0-2900 to 0-4000
1.6 Kg
2.6 Joules
165 mm
0: 66mm | 0-45 Bevel: 45mm
294 mm
3.2 kg
115 mm
normal 9000/min
auto 5500/min
22 mm
M14 x 2
2.4 Kg
2.0 Kg
2.7 Kg
14.4V and 18V
Torch - 6000 lux -Worklight: 27/55/110 lux
Torch - 1 x 3W LED
12 x 0.5W
205 x 78 x 108mm (L x W x H) Exc battery
All chargers for 18V slide
All existing 18V slide
18V - 6.0Ah
115 x 80 x 70mm
Li-Ion Slide
14.4V -18V
15-38 (appx)
320mm x 700mm x 400mm
With Wheels, Strap and 27" (700mm)

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