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Cordless Nail Guns

Cordless Nail Guns

Nail Guns

Powered nail guns are a fantastic way to help speed up any carpentry work. While they aren't cheap, they more than make up for their costs with efficiency. Our nail guns are all cordless and they're able to shoot a wide assortment of nail sizes and can save a lot of time on the job. There's almost no job they can't do. From framing, stud walls, and roofing the nail gun is a must have in any carpenters toolbox.

The best thing about a nail gun is that of the control they offer. The gun can be easily adjusted to drive a nail to just the proper depth. This is something that's very hard to do with an old-fashioned hammer. It also makes it a bit easier to comply with any building codes. You can rest assured that your nail gun will pound in each nail to whatever specifications you need. This takes some of the worry out any building job, as uniformity is key to any carpentry project.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide on what type of nail gun to get. Cordless nail guns are much quieter than air compressor powered varieties. Also it's important to make sure you are using the right kind of gun for the job. Keep in mind that flooring projects usually require a special type of nail gun. This type of nail gun is designed just for the installation of hardwood floors. If you plan on doing lots of flooring projects it might be a wise idea to invest in a flooring gun. If not you can rent one from your local hardware store.

For framing or structural work you'll want a framing gun. Framing nail guns are built especially to handle the larger nail sizes required to put up solid framework. While finishing guns are built handle the small and medium nails needed for delicate jobs. Also, think about how much weight you can handle. The more powerful nail gun models can weigh close to 10 pounds. If you suffer from wrist or joint problems you might want to stick to lighter weight model. While not as powerful, you will save yourself unnecessary difficulty.

We have a large variety of nail guns to browse through in this category, but if you have any queries please call us today.

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